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China Adding Malawi Agriclutural Technology Demonstration Center

  On China-Africa Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit in 2006, President Hu Jintao announced that Chinese government will take policy measures in eight aspects in order to promote the new type of China-Africa strategic partnership, it would promote China-Africa cooperation on a larger, wider and higher level. It is ‘China Aiding Malawi Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center’ which implement President Hu's eight non-aid measures, so the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Agriculture agreed our company to assume the project.

      The total investment amounted to RMB 47.5 million, it covered an area of 50 hectares. According to the functional orientation and demonstration content of the agricultural technology demonstration center, in line with the principles of adjusting measures to local conditions, making overall plans and taking all factors into consideration, relative concentration, ease of management and resource sharing, the demonstration center will be divided into planting demonstration area and living- office area. The planting area is divided into experimental study area, technical display area and production demonstration area. The content of demonstration takes the food crops as principal things and the economy as a supplement. Office and living area is divided into training bay, workshop, office and residential area.

      Qingdao Municipal Peoples Government attached great importance to the project and said that it would give power of the whole city to provide support for demonstration center. Now the government had coordinated Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Shandong Province and Qingdao Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences as agricultural technology support units of the project. The company have reached a consensus with the above two research institutions, and we will strive to turn Malawi agricultural technology demonstration center into a model of technological exchanges, economic and trade cooperation and promoting  friendship.