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China-Africa Cotton Development Limited _the best Chinese agriculture enterprise in Africa

Established in 2009, China-Africa Cotton Development Ltd ("Company") is registered in HK and joint-ventured by China-Africa Development Fund, Qingdao Ruichang Cotton Industrial Co., Ltd and Qingdao Huifu Textile Co., Ltd, with a plan to invest about 64.72 million US dollars, and actual investment of $59.68 million US dollars as of today. As the parent company, China-Africa Cotton invests in many projects in various African countries, including Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Company focuses on seed researching, plantation, cotton purchasing and processing, cotton seed oil processing and textile making, etc. With "corporation & farmers" model, Company is a Chinese enterprise which directly conducts contracted planting, cotton purchasing and processing in Africa.
The project was commenced after President Hu Jintao's declaration of the "Eight Policies" regarding the practical cooperation between China and Africa during the Beijing Summit of the China-Africa Forum. The company is the largest agriculture investment project in Africa, which complies with the "going out to expand" trend of Chinese enterprises. The Chinese government pays great attention to this project and has adopted various measures to guarantee the smooth operations and to ensure it will benefit African people and create wealth for them.
By taking advantage of African climate and natural conditions, the company assigns Chinese experts to assist the whole processing chain to guarantee production quality, from seed selection and breeding, agriculture technology training, cotton harvesting and processing, to packaging, warehousing and transportation. All ginning machines used there are the most advanced ones available in China, which meet the requirements of producing high quality yarns. The company has established supply relationship with many textile manufacturing companies and gained good reputation in the international market.
China-Africa Cotton is committed to invest and develop the African agriculture industry. The company has established 7 ginneries and 2cotton seed oil extracting mills and one special seed plant in Africa. With an annual purchase of 100,000 metric tons of seed cotton, Company utilizes thousands of hectares of land and benefits 200,000 local farmers with direct hire of 1,800 local employees. The company wins high praise from both the Chinese government and host governments, for her contribution to development of cotton industry and creation of employment opportunities in their countries.
With great support of China Development Bank, the company managers, together with all employees, will continue to contribute to the development of African agriculture in the coming days.